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Your Wharram catamaran helps you to connect..

“This part of Greece is so full of friendly and helpful people of all ages. This has been the best part of our Greek adventure; The people; The meetings; The new friends; Just wonderful. And having a Wharram Catamaran really does a lot when it comes to meeting new people. Locals, fishermen, tourists... all ages.... they all get attracted to the boat. They all see it as a traditional boat, and they have so many questions. We have also had lots of old seamen and fishermen on the boat giving advice and tips on local weather and harbours. Truly amazing. We have learned a lot from these very skilled and experienced seafarers. And also here our Wharram helps; they see it as a proper seagoing ship”.

- Jens-Einar Storheim, a Norwegian owner of a Narai based in Volos in Greece.

The Wharram name is legendary..

"Many, many thanks for all you've done for the global sailor's world of sustainable, practical, and beautiful sailing. The Wharram name is, and will remain, legendary."

- Norm

Respect for the brilliance of a holistic approach in Wharram design..

"Hallo, my purpose of this email is to express my respect and compliments to James and Hanneke. I have been researching into their designs for two years now and I have read many blogs and comments and seen many pictures and videos from builders and sailors. I recently received buildingplans for a Tiki 26 nr: 454. I bought my first sailing Dinghy when I was 14 years old and now that I am 62 I am still sailing nearly everyday in my Prindle 15 or my Tornado catamaran on the northsea coast at Ter Heijde about 5 km north of Hoek van Holland in The Netherlands.

I understand sailing boats and catamarans better than nearly everyone around me and so I understand the many challenges and pittfals and scams in designs. Reading on the internet I see even experienced builders lack the knowledge to fully respect the brilliance of a holistic approach in design architecture and the high standards of safety in the Wharram designs. Therefore I wish to express my gratitude and respect to James and Hanneke."

- Alfred Daniels