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Professionally Built Designs

Andy Smith's boatyard with two Wharram hulls under construction
Andy Smith Boatworks

Our franchised builders can build any of our self-build design range, but there now are several special Wharram designs that are only available professionally built - these are exclusive to each builder.

The smallest, the Tiki 8m, is built in GRP, so cannot be self-built as it requires moulds. The Pahi 52 and the Islander 55 and 65 are large designs and we have found from experience that these are frequently too large to self-build within an acceptable timescale. Their sheer size also makes it difficult for just one or two people to tackle the building. For this reason these designs are for professional building only.

The list below contains an overview of each type of craft.

Tiki 8m

The TIKI 8m, built by BoatSmith in the USA, is an updated, composite fiberglass version of the popular ply-epoxy Tiki 26. With its spacious cockpit and simple, functional interior layout, this versatile, trailable, seaworthy boat is perfect for day sailing, overnight adventures or several weeks of Coastal Trekking. It also makes a good beach charter boat. Can be car trailed.

BoatSmith have the exclusive rights to build this design.

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Tama Moana - Child Of The Sea

Also available for Self Building.

The Child of The Sea is a pure Ethnic Design. Although available for the self-builder, we have included it in this list as its simplicity makes it a very economical boat to have ready-built.

Two Tama Moana designs sailed the Lapita Voyage from the Philippines to Tikopia and Anuta in 2008-9, where they were donated to the island populations who are now using them as their autonomous transport.

Andy Smith Boatworks of the Philippines has the exclusive rights for the building of Tama Moana - Child of the Sea.

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Pahi 52

Many discerning sailors want the PAHI style, 'flexi space' interior layout in a larger craft as well as the comfort of toilets, showers, a deck steering shelter and a galley sufficient for 6-8 people. So, for them we designed the PAHI 52. The Pahi 52 has also been specially adapted as a luxury skippered charter boat for Archipel Club.

From 2014 this design is only available professionally built by Andy Smith Boatworks in the Philippines.

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Islander 39

Eco charter catamaran.

A sailor of a certain age will know that with wooden hull(s), canvas sails, natural fibre ropes, at one time, all sailboats were ‘Eco Craft’. Sailors of that era adapted themselves to sailing and living aboard their simple boats.

The Islander 39 is designed to encourage Modern sailors to personally adapt themselves to sailing a simple boat, rather than using large amounts of Energy to adapt the boat to the ‘needs’ of affluent Urban Man.

This design is only available professionally built by Andy Smith Boatworks.

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Islander 65

The Islander 65 'Vaka Motu' was originally designed in 2000 as an island-hopping cargo/passenger/trading vessel. With her 10 ton load carrying ability, she is also a very suitable vessel for expedition work, charter or as a dive boat. Her interior can be either simple flexispace with cargo holds, keeping the cost of the vessel down, or with various options of cabin accommodation. With a waterline hull beam/length ratio of 12:1 (11:1 deeply loaded), she will move through the water with minimum wave drag at speeds of 1.50 x vWLL plus, giving easy 24 hours averages of 150 to 200 miles (more if driven in ideal sailing conditions).

Andy Smith Boatworks are the exclusive builders of the Islander 55 and 65 designs.

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