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Wharram Pahi 52
Pahi 52 'Hecate'

This is an exciting and growing area in the development of James Wharram Designs. Most of you know us as the producers of quality Polynesian Catamaran designs for the self-builder. We are still very much developing and improving our designs for those who want to self-build their own boat. Over the years however, we have had numerous requests for James Wharram Designs to branch out into producing boats for those of you who want to buy a quality finished boat from a professional builder, rather than build one yourself.

The move into "professionally built" designs required a philosophical analysis on our part, as in the past we have always focused on the Self Builder. We knew that some would accuse us of "moving away from our traditional market" or perhaps "abandoning our principles". Even so, after much soul searching, we decided to proceed. We see it as opening up a parallel stream of development, rather than shutting off our current one. Having a range of professionally built Wharram designs will, we believe, enhance the reputation and value of all our well built designs.

There are several special Wharram designs that are only available professionally built. You can find more information about these on the Professionally Built Designs page.

We believe that it is important to have a range of professionally built Wharram catamarans to support the continued development of this type of craft in an increasingly restrictive and bureaucratic building and sailing environment. In so doing, the issue of enforcing high building standards became paramount, so that clients of professional boat builders would be delivered the same quality Wharram boat, or better, as we established with the Tiki 28 and 36 in our professional "Wharram Built" yard in Cornwall in 1987-1992.

We now have two established James Wharram Designs ‘franchised professional builders’ that meet our standards for excellence: Andy Smith Boatworks in the Philippines and Boatsmith, Inc in the U.S.A.

Our professional builders have a close relationship with James Wharram Designs, where we will assist the Wharram boat customer with their choice of design and handle any design queries or modifications. It is seen as a three-way relationship between Designers, Yard and Customer where at the end of the day all three parties are proud of the boat built.

NB. Only Wharram franchised yards have the rights to build Wharram catamarans for the open market. All self-build Plans give the owner/amateur builder the rights to self-build the design and cannot be used by a yard to sell Wharram catamarans without a franchise agreement with James Wharram Designs.