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Hanneke Boon's presentation at Kecha Pucha, Amsterdam Integrating Philosophy with boat design

Hanneke Boon made this presentation at a Pecha Kucha event in Amsterdam. This is a new lecture concept originating in Japan where every speaker can show 20 slides to which he/she can talk for 20 seconds each, i.e. a total of 6 minutes 40 seconds presentation. Writing for a Pecha Kucha is more like writing poetry than a lecture. These 6 minutes were an illustrated poem of Hanneke, from a young girl sailing with her father, ending up as a boatbuilder, ocean sailor and designer.
Hanneke Boon's presentation at Kecha Pucha, Amsterdam Integrating Philosophy with boat design (Live capture)

This is Hanneke's Pecha Kucha as captured at the event.
Lapita Voyage

Lapita Voyage

The Lapita Voyage was a charitable project which began in the first week of November 2008, when 2 double canoes, based on the ancient Polynesian canoe form of the islands of Anuta and Tikopia, set out on a 4,000Nm voyage along the island chains of the Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea to finally arrive in Anuta and Tikopia, two tiny, remote islands at the Eastern end of the Solomons, where the boats were donated to the islanders for future inter island voyaging. They followed the Lapita Pottery trail that archaeologists believe to be the route of the Polynesian migrations. 
Golden Oldies gathering Golden Oldies gathering

James Wharram and Hanneke Boon visited the gathering of classic multihulls 'The Golden Oldies' in May 2013 in Sète in the South of France. There they sailed on Pahi 65 'Largyalo', joined Tiki 38 'Pilgrim' out at sea and met American multihull designer Dick Newick. 
Hui Wharram Rendezvous Hui Wharram Rendezvous

Wharram Rendezvous at the Lorelei restaurant in Islamorada, Florida Keys on May 18-20, 2012. A meeting of Wharram catamarans attended by James Wharram and Hanneke Boon.
Amatasi at Brest and Douarnenez  Amatasi at Brest and Douarnenez

27' Eco fishing boat 'Amatasi' taking part in the traditional boat festivals of Brest and Douarnenez in 2012. Amatasi was winner of the 'Classic Boat' design competition 2010. Read Article
Melanesia 'Velella'

Melanesia 'Velella'

Sailing my newly built "Velella", a Wharram Melanesia.
Wind: gusty offshore force 3, gusts to force 5.
Location: Mali Lošinj, Croatia - Hotel / Camp Kredo and Camp Cikat in the Background.
See building pictures here:
Hitia 17
Hitia 17 in Halong Bay

Hitia 17 in Halong Bay

Tiki 21
Tiki 21 'Cookie' across the Atlantic

Tiki 21 'Cookie' across the Atlantic

Cookie sailing back to the UK from USA. All the way across the North Atlantic riding the tops of just two high pressure zones. What a gift from the gods! Video shows how the sails are set for minimum weather helm to keep the boat self steering accurately at a good speed.
 Tiki 21 Self-Build Tiki 21 Self-Build 

Moving the hulls of a Wharram Tiki 21, Summer 2013. 
Building time was two years.
Tiki 26
Building A Tiki 26 in 180 days

Building A Tiki 26 in 180 days

This is a multi video account of building and sailing Tiki 26 'Ariki'. She was built in Slovenia in just half a year.
Tiki 26 'Paikea' sailing Tiki 26 'Paikea' sailing

A video of self-built Tiki 26 'Paikea' doing some fast sailing.
Tiki 26 Self-Build Walkaround

Tiki 26 Self-Build Walkaround

Walk-around of 'Castor & Pollux' just before summer holiday 2011. She is being built in the Netherlands.
Tiki 26 crossing the Adriatic Tiki 26 crossing the Adriatic

Crossing the Adriatic from Venice to Istria with wind gusts of 50 knots.
Pahi 26
Sailing in Seattle on Superbowl Sunday

Sailing in Seattle on Superbowl Sunday

Powered by a Malibu Outrigger Hawaiian spritsail, Kiko sails Ki`i Loa, a Wharram Pahi 26 across Lake Union at 7-9 km/hr (~4 knots) in 15-25 km/hr northerly winds. There were only 3 boats on the Lake and we could easily hear the play-by-play reaction of the city. Taken by T.Nielsen on 2014-02-02 at 16:20:22.
Tiki 8m
Islamorada to Palm Beach cruise

Islamorada to Palm Beach cruise

Leigh Calvert and the Greif brothers (Benjamin and Brendon) sail the Tiki 8m back to West Palm Beach from Islamorada, May 2013.

Amatasi Prototype Launch
Amatasi Prototype Launch

Launching the prototype of James Wharram Design's award winning eco fishing boat the Amatasi.
Tiki 30
WaveDancer, Andaman Islands

WaveDancer, Andaman Islands 

Enlarged Tiki (32 foot) 'WaveDancer' sailing in Andaman waters.

Tiki 30 'Busket' in action Tiki 30 'Busket' in action

Daysailing with Eric's Wharram Tiki 30 'Busket
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Tiki 30 Amazon Expedition

Tiki 30 Expedition - Ecuadorian Amazon Rio Napo in 2009.
 Tiki 30 Amazon Expedition - Navigating the Tapajós River in Brazil. Tiki 30 Amazon Expedition

Navigating the Tapajós River in Brazil.
Tama Moana - Child of the Sea 

Glenn's life on the sea in the Pacific ocean.

Glenn's life on the sea in the Pacific ocean. 

Glenn has built his own Tama Moana and lives a humble life sailing between the islands of the Pacific.
Tiki 38

 The Atlantic crossing of the Pilgrim
The Atlantic crossing of the Pilgrim

After Building his boat for 5 years, Jacques and his Crew take on the Atlantic. Excellent viewing.
Kaimiloa in South America Kaimiloa in South America

Crossing from Piriapolis (Uruguay) to San Isidro (Argentina) on Tiki 38 "Kaimiloa"
Sailing Tiki 38 'Marabu'

Sailing Tiki 38 'Marabu'

Sailing with "Marabu", a Tiki 38 catamaran built in Switzerland by Daniel Ganz.
 Tiki 38 'Kattu' sails into a Qualicum Tiki 38 'Kattu' sails into a Qualicum

Sea Trial #4...we deliberately sailed into a "Qualicum", a local phenomenon with winds of 25 knots gusting to 30 and more, with full sail up to shake things down and see what Kattu is made of. She came through with flying colors, allthough from now on I will put in the first reef in these conditions. The sails, made by Jeckells, sure set nice. Close hauled and tacking through nearly 90 degrees, the GPS read 9-10 knots reaching 11.5 at times... beating to windward!
Pahi 42
Pahi 42 sailing through the first Gulf war in 1988 Sailing through the first Gulf war in 1988

We worked for 18 months like crazy and finished building our Pahi 42 feet Catamaran, a James Wharram design, in time! This is the video we made during the building in Bahrain and also of our "Sailing through the first Gulf War in 1988", a war between Iraq and Iran, towards the coast of India and the Maldives. We've edited the original VHS tapes, made them digital, and included new interviews with my wife Agnes and myself in 2014, some 26 years later, it's funny to see yourself in 1988 and 2014. It seems to be very special material because of the time and the war that was going on around us, and we were the only yacht sailing in the Gulf at that time! See my whole story here.
Narai Mk IV

Narai Mk IV - Croatia

Narai Mk IV - Croatia

Nice footage of a beautiful Narai Mk IV sailing in Croatia.
Ariki 47 GRP
Wharram Professional Builder - Ariki 47 GRP

Wharram Professional Builder - Ariki 47 GRP

An update on the Ariki. Cockpit and decks preview.
Pahi 63

Largyalo passing Isola di Levanzo, Sardinia W Largyalo passing Isola di Levanzo, Sardinia W

Bft 8-9, Sea up to 5m, max speed 14 kn
Pemba Island Sailing Charter
Pemba Island Sailing Charter 

This video is a story about a sailing adventure on a private 62ft catamaran at Pemba Island. Unspoiled by infrastructure the tropical spice island of the Zanzibar Archipelago is an oasis with white-sand beaches, deserted lagoons and the most spectacular coral reefs in East Africa. To charter the boat in Tanzania and organize your own adventure read more on Email:
 Spirit of Gaia - Daysail in Greece Spirit of Gaia - Daysail in Greece

In September 2012 we sailed the Wharram flagship 'Spirit of Gaia' (Pahi 63) from Trizonia to Messolonghi marina, so she could be lifted out for a major refit. You can read about her trip and refit on our website, here.